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Facts about

Founded on April 22, 2009, the academy is one of the seven founding institutions of the national key Marxism college, the birthplace of the national ideological and moral course, the National Undergraduate Major of Ideological and Political Education (double degree class), and one of the first ten institutions with the right to grant master's degree in ideological and political education in China. It has created the "DUT mode" of Ideological and political case teaching, middle class teaching and small class discussion.

The subject has a profound accumulation. One of the founding units of Marxist theory discipline, it has the first doctoral program and postdoctoral mobile station of Marxist theory at the first level in Liaoning Province. There are seven secondary disciplines, namely, the basic principles of Marxism, the development history of Marxism, the study of Sinicization of Marxism, the study of Marxism abroad, ideological and political education, the study of basic issues in modern Chinese history, and the construction of the party. There are 4 provincial research bases (new think tanks) and more than 50 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards.

Teachers are strong. 66 full-time teachers (including 19 professors and 20 doctoral supervisors) were awarded the national teaching team. It has one leading talent in philosophy and social sciences of the national "ten thousand talents plan", one national cultural expert and "four one batch" theoretical talent, two national excellent teachers, two national excellent teachers in Ideological and political courses, and one new century excellent talent of the Ministry of education.

The international vision is broad. The college employs one foreign part-time professor. At present, it has established talent training and academic exchange cooperation projects with universities and scientific research institutions such as Newcastle University of Australia, Lao Academy of Social Sciences, Hanlin Academy of Vietnam, etc., established academic contact channels with many countries in Europe and the United States, and carried out a number of short and medium-term student visits and exchange projects.

The characteristics of professional training are distinct. We should carry out the extensive and general training of this master's degree, cultivate the elites who have firm belief in Marxism and socialism, master the theory of Marxism in an all-round way, and are competent for teaching, scientific research, party and government publicity, enterprise management and other work in Colleges and universities, and have the spirit of innovation, international vision and leadership.

Academy of Marxism