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Publicity abroad

Dec 1, 2016 

Vice professor Chen Xiaohui, Han Xiuyan and Wang Fei of Marxism college went to the United States to attend academic conferences

At the invitation of the conference organizers, Chen Xiaohui, Han Xiuyan and Wang Fei of our unit plan to go to the United States for academic exchanges. The proposed visit of the group is hereby publicized as follows:

1、Visiting members

Chen Xiaohui, associate professor (Deputy Secretary and vice president of the general Party branch of the college)

Han Xiuyan, associate professor

Associate Professor Wang Fei

2、Country of visit, task, schedule and route

Region visited: US

The mission and schedule are as follows:

From April 25 to April 26, 2017, he left Dalian and arrived in Beijing;

April 26-27, Beijing to California, USA

April 27, 2017 conference registration Pomona College

April 28-30, 2017 at noon

LeftPomona College ( California) on the afternoon of April 30, 2017 for the University of North Texas (Texas)

May 1-2, 2017 attend conference

From May 3 to May 4, leave Texas to Beijing

May 5 return to Dalian

Round trip: Dalian Beijing California Texas Beijing Dalian

3、Introduction to invitation letter and inviting unit

Invitation letter to the 11th International Forum on Ecological Civilization

11 International Forum on Ecological Civi1ization

Dear associate professors Chen Xiaohui, Han Xiuyan and Wang Fei

In the past 400 years, the modern industrial civilization, which is dominated by the western world and characterized by extreme advocating for artifacts, has brought unprecedented material prosperity to mankind, created unprecedented material civilization, and at the same time brought unprecedented huge damage to our beautiful planet, such as ecological, social, moral and spiritual. More and more scientific and philosophical studies have shown that modern industrial civilization and western modernization are leading mankind to a path of self destruction.

According to Professor Sorokin, a famous Russian American sociologist and former dean of Sociology Department of Harvard University for more than 20 years, "the current crisis is not normal but extraordinary. It is not a purely economic or political maladjustment, but a collapse of the basic forms of western culture and society that have dominated the past four centuries. " Einstein, the great scientist, once warned the world that "the release of infinite atomic energy has changed everything, but has not changed our way of thinking. As a result, we are heading for an unprecedented catastrophe. ". How to get out of today's predicament and avoid the occurrence of crisis? Is there any other form of civilization besides the modern western industrial civilization? Is a new civilization - ecological civilization possible? What is the theoretical framework of ecological civilization? What is the system construction of ecological civilization? What is the philosophical basis of ecological civilization? What are the political, economic and social connotations of ecological civilization? What are the current practice modes and landing modes of ecological civilization in the global scope? What kind of role does Chinese traditional culture and Marxism play in the construction of ecological civilization?

The 11th International Forum on ecological civilization, sponsored by the U.S. - China Institute of Postmodern Development and other institutions, aims to focus the wisdom of foreign thinkers and make global efforts to discuss the above major issues. According to spretnek, a famous ecological postmodernist thinker who is a senior researcher of the China US Institute of Postmodern Development and has been listed as one of the "100 ecological heroes in the history of mankind", at this critical moment of rethinking the ideological hypothesis of modernity, China is not only facing a series of problems, but also harbouring wisdom to solve them. Dr. Cobb, academician of the National Academy of humanities, a famous postmodern thinker and theoretical representative of organic Marxism, President of the founding Committee of the China US Postmodern Development Research Institute, also predicted that "the hope of ecological civilization is in China". With the proposal of the concept of "ecological civilization" in the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China explicitly put ecological civilization into the party constitution, and the construction of ecological civilization "related to the people's livelihood and future generations' development space" has not only been promoted to the height of national will and national strategy by China, but also has become the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the whole Chinese society, and is the common pursuit of the whole society. China's practice of ecological civilization in full swing has increasingly attracted great attention of the international community. This forum will provide an excellent platform for Chinese representatives to spread the concept and practice of China's ecological civilization around the world, and at the same time draw on the theory and experience of foreign ecological civilization construction

Clement's "International Forum on ecological civilization" is the first global international forum on ecological civilization held in the United States. So far, the forum has been successfully held for 10 times. Thousands of Chinese and foreign scholars and officials have participated in the forum, which has a wide influence on the international community. Important media at home and abroad, such as people's daily, Xinhua news agency and international daily, have made special reports on it. The 8th and 9th "International Forum on ecological civilization" also received congratulatory letters from Jiang Chunyun, former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and former Vice Premier of the State Council. The 11th "International Forum on ecological civilization" in 2017 is hereby notified as follows:

1、Conference organization

U.S.sponsor: U.S. - China Postmodern Development Institute

International Alliance of American Ecological Civilization

American Chinese Association for Environmental Education

Chinahost: future philosophy and Development Strategy Committee of China dialectics of Nature Research Association

Chinese Society for the study and promotion of ecological civilization

ResearchCenterfor constructive postmodernism, Harbin University of Technology

Beijing Whitehead Institute of education and technology

U.S. co organizer:

China Co organizer:

AmericanCenterfor process research

Center for environmental philosophy, University of North Texas


Clement Commission on Sustainable Development

Central Compilation Bureau

South China Institute of environmental science, Ministry of environmental protection

ResearchCenter of ecological civilization, State Administration College

Global contract research center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Publishing group of Guangxi Normal University

Los Angelesbranch of Xinhua News Agency

ResearchCenter for science and humanities, Beijing Normal University

Jianghai academic journal

ChinaSocial Entrepreneur Foundation

Chinese and western philosophy of Language Research Association

Chinaprocess Society (Preparatory)

2、Meeting organization

1. Meeting language: Chinese and English

2. Conference report: divided into two forms: special expert report and excellent paper author Report

3. Main contents of the meeting: keynote speech, thematic discussion, paper exchange, etc

2、Meeting topics

1. Conference theme: "ecological civilization and community of destiny"

2. Sub topics of the meeting

(1) On the basic theory of ecological civilization

Theoretical construction of ecological civilization

What are the political, economic and social connotations of ecological civilization?

Ecological civilization and community of destiny

Ecological civilization and organic thinking

The ecological thought of Marxism

Constructive postmodernism and ecological Marxism

Organic Marxism and ecological Marxism

Ecological civilization and organic Marxism

Process philosophy and ecological civilization

Chinese traditional culture and organic Marxism

Chinese traditional culture and ecological civilization

Ecological civilization and ecological aesthetics

Ecological civilization and ecological criticism

Ecological civilization and ecological Linguistics

(2) Practice of ecological civilization

Ecological civilization city planning

Ecological civilization and green development

Ecological civilization and system innovation

Ecological civilization and ecological agriculture

Ecological civilization and ecological economy

Ecological civilization and green community construction

Ecological civilization and the revival of rural civilization

Practice of ecological civilization construction in China

Practice of ecological civilization construction in the international community

Ecological civilization and public participation

Ecological civilization and corporate social responsibility

Ecological civilization and social value

The role of public organizations in ecological civilization

(3) Ecological civilization and lifelong education

Ecological civilization and educational transformation

Ecological civilization and ecological education

Ecological civilization and whole course education

Ecological civilization and innovative education

Ecological civilization and universal education

Ecological civilization and Museum Education

Ecological civilization and hot land education

Ecological civilization and rooted Education

Ecological civilization and distance education

Ecological civilization and the education of children

4、Time and place of meeting

Time: April 27 to May 4, 2017

Location: University City of clement, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

5、Main foreign speakers

*Dr. John Cobb, Jr., a representative of constructive postmodernism, a world-famous ecological economist, an important founder of organic Marxism, President of the founding Committee of the Sino US Institute of postmodern development, and academician of the National Academy of Humanities

*Professor Eugene Hargrove, director of the center for the study of environmental philosophy, North University of Texas, and editor in chief of the Journal of environmental ethics

*Professor Philip Clayton, the main theoretical representative of organic markism in the United States, former president and provost of Lincoln University in clement, the United States, and the current president of the Sino American Institute of Postmodern Development

*Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, a famous overseas Confucian expert and senior researcher of Yale University's Institute of forestry and environment

*Mr. Clifford Cobb, senior researcher of the China US Post Modernist Development Institute, editor in chief of the American Journal of economics and Sociology

*Dr. Sharon snowy is a professor of political science at Clement Graduate University and Bezier college.

*Dr. Donna o'reich is the author of "the stranger in distress" in the psychology of relationship at New York University.

6、Main Chinese speaker of the meeting (to be determined)

7、Conference paper

Before January 30, 2017, the participants are requested to submit the abstract (2000 words, in Chinese and English, stating the main points of the paper), as well as their resume (including name, position, title, social part-time job, telephone, e-mail, etc.).

8、Registration items

Please fill in the registration form in detail and accurately, and fax it to 010 - 84896659 or send an to before November 30, 2016 (after receiving the registration form, send the formal invitation letter and follow-up meeting notice to the US side).

9、Conference expenses

Conference registration fee: after negotiation, we will give our group a preferential registration fee (estimated: 400 US dollars, see the follow-up notice for details)

Conference group fee:¥27000 / person (including international round-trip air tickets, overseas accommodation and transportation, excluding conference registration fee and personal expenses)

The remittance is as follows:

1. Participants are requested to pay air ticket reservation fee of RMB 2000 / person before December 10, 2016. If the team air ticket is not delivered on time, the reservation fee will be deducted (Note: air tickets must be booked in advance, otherwise they will not be able to go out due to the high tourist season in April and the large number of group members);

2. Please pay the remaining group fee of RMB 25000 / person before March 10, 2017;

3. Please remit the meeting group fee to the following designated account:

Account Name: Beijing happy hour International Travel Agency Co., Ltd

Account number: 1100 1079 8000 5300 4048

Bank of deposit: China Construction Bank Beijing Suzhou bridge sub branch

Line number: 798

10、Contact information

Beijing, China

Contact address: Beijing Whitehead Institute of education and Technology (Beijing Office of China US Post Modern Development Research Institute) contact: Zou Yan, Kang Jianqing

Tel / Fax: 011-84896659

E-mail: shengtaiwm@vip.163. com, shengtaiwm@163. com

Los Angeles, USA

Contact address: PO Box 212, Claremont, ca91711

Contact person: Rachel / Rachael Tel: 909 - 450 - 1658

Beijing Whitehead Institute of education and technology

Future philosophy and Development Strategy Committee of Chinese society of Dialectics of nature

September 19, 2016

4、Source of funds and budget

The budget is as follows:

Group fee of the conference: 27000 yuan / person (including international round-trip air tickets, overseas accommodation, transportation, excluding the conference registration fee and personal consumption fees) shall be handled by Beijing Whitehead Institute of education and technology, the organizer of the conference.

Domestic round-trip air ticket: 1736 yuan / person;

Domestic accommodation: 500 yuan / person

Public and miscellaneous fees: conference registration fee of 400 USD / person (equivalent to 2757.80 yuan / person on that day); business passport of 300 yuan; visa fee of 2000 yuan (RMB)

Other expenses: Overseas Insurance 600 yuan / person

Total: 34893.80 yuan / person

Total budget: 104681.4 yuan (3 persons)

Please contact Zhang Yue for any comments on the above situation.

Tel: 84708795

Email: zhangyue2009@

Schoolof Marxism, Dalian University of Technology

July 26, 2016

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