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Notice on Postgraduates' sending abroad to study

Jul 24, 2019 

In order to further strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, cultivate outstanding talents, implement the implementation plan of building a Marxist college in Dalian University of technology, build a national key Marxist college, and provide financial support for graduate students of the college to study abroad in a short period of time after the research decision of the college. According to the relevant management regulations of the State Administration of overseas study fund and Dalian University of technology, and in combination with the actual situation of our college, we have formulated the measures for the administration of the grant of international visiting for Postgraduates of Marxism college. Now, we are going to select short-term public overseas visiting personnel for graduate students of the whole institute. The notice is as follows:

1、Basic requirements for selection

The selection target is full-time students in the school of Marxism who have a certain foreign language foundation. The basic conditions for applying for the college's official study abroad Grant:

(1)With good political quality, no record of violation of laws and regulations, and return to serve the national construction and the development of our college after learning.

(2)With Chinese nationality, it is required to be a full-time graduate student of our college, a graduate student applying for 2-3 grades and a doctoral student applying for 2-4 grades.

(3)The applicant has a good academic record during his postgraduate study.

(4)Have a certain foreign language foundation, English needs to pass level 6, or new TOEFL 90 points above, or IELTS 6.5 points above; Japanese international level 2.

(5)With certain scientific research ability, doctoral candidates are required to be the first author or tutor, the first author and the second author, and have published one or more academic papers in CSSCI source journals (excluding the extended version).

(6)Physical and mental health.

(7)In line with the application and other specific requirements of visiting schools.

2、Materials to be submitted (copy)

1. Application form for graduate students sent abroad by Dalian University of Technology (Annex 2);

2. Report card (screenshot of graduate management system);

3. Certificate of foreign language achievement;

4. Proof of publication;

5. Other supporting materials (various award certificates or qualification certificates).

Note: Please bind in the above order.

3、Registration time

Please deliver the bound materials to teacher Qu Hong's mailbox on the 5th floor before 17:00 p.m. on August 5, 2019, and they will not be accepted if overdue.

Academyof Marxism

July 24, 2019

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