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Notice on the selection of postgraduates from Marxism college to visit Laos for a short time

Oct 23, 2019 

In order to promote the construction of national key Marxist colleges, the college plans to further strengthen the international exchange and cooperation of "going out and bringing in", especially the exchange and mutual learning with socialist countries, sharing theoretical innovation and practical experience in the construction of socialist countries and political parties, disseminating Chinese voice and telling Chinese stories. To this end, according to the relevant regulations of the State Scholarship Committee and the University, the college will select and support outstanding graduate students to visit Laos for a week. The notice is as follows:

1、Basic requirements for selection

The target of selection is a full-time graduate student of Marxism college who has a certain foreign language foundation. The number of candidates to be selected is 30. The basic conditions of application include:

(1)Good political quality, no record of violation of laws and disciplines.

(2)With Chinese nationality, it is required to be a full-time graduate student in our college, a master's student in grade 2-3, and a doctoral student in grade 2-4.

(3)The applicant has a good academic record during his postgraduate study.

(4)Have a certain foreign language foundation.

(5)Have certain scientific research ability.

(6)Physical and mental health.

(7)Meet other specific requirements of the applied project and the visiting organization.

2、Specific work arrangement for selection and dispatch

The college will make overall selection according to the application of students. The main selection criteria include the academic performance of the applicants, the performance of participation in the college construction and student activities, etc., and select the best candidates.

The visiting time is planned to be in the middle and late November 2019, and the students participating in the visiting will receive the support of International Fund.

3、Registration time

Interested students please fill in the printed "Journal of short term visit to Laos by postgraduates of Marxism Institute" and submit it to the office 303 of the Institute at 10:00-11:00 on October 28. The electronic version shall be submitted to before 9:00 on October 28, and the application will not be accepted within the time limit.

Please actively participate in the application. The college plans to include the participation of students in international exchanges and cooperation into the scope of postgraduate award evaluation.

For matters not covered, please consult Liu Yuanyuan 15342161126.

Schoolof Marxism

October 23, 2019

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