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The third lecture of short term lectures by world famous scholars held by Marxism College

Oct 1, 2019 

At 3 p.m. on September 29th, our college held the third lecture on "the celebration of Marx school's 10th anniversary academy and the world's leading scholars' short lecture project" in the classroom of the Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era. This lecture has the honor to invite Roland Boer, one of the most creative Marxist researchers, a research professor of the school of Humanities and social sciences of Newcastle University, Australia, a distinguished professor of "overseas talents" of Renmin University of China, and a Ph.D. of McGill University Canada Professor. He entitled an academic lecture "socialism with Chinese characteristics is socialism, not anything else". Hansong Wang, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Dan Song, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the University, Fengyu Cong, director of the international cooperation and exchange department, Xue Sun, deputy director of the teacher work department of the Party committee in the office of the Party committee's talents, Xiaonan Hong, President of the school of Marxism, and Xiaohui Chen , Secretary of the Party committee of the school attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by President Xiaonan Hong and attended by all the teachers.


"Socialism with Chinese characteristics not only adheres to the basic principles of scientific socialism, but also gives it distinctive characteristics of the times according to the conditions of the times. That is to say, socialism with Chinese characteristics is socialism, not anything else. " Professor Boer first quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech to show his position and views. He pointed out that in recent years, some public opinions at home and abroad raised the question of "is socialism what China is engaged in now?" and even made a wrong interpretation of the nature of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and simply equated socialism with Chinese characteristics with "capital socialism", "new bureaucratic capitalism", "new liberalism with Chinese characteristics" and "state capitalism" .

Professor Boer made a detailed and in-depth analysis of the above four wrong views. He stressed that the fundamental reason why some foreign scholars could not correctly understand the nature of Chinese society is that they stick to Western traditions and research methods, but have not conducted in-depth research and Discussion on the actual situation of China and the theoretical achievements of relevant scholars, and have not read the original works of Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping. He pointed out that "seeking truth from facts" is a research method that foreign scholars must master, otherwise they will never reach objective and true conclusions. Professor Boer quoted a Chinese student in his speech: "the west is old, rich and comfortable, but has no potential. China is a young man, imperfect but promising and energetic. " Comparing contemporary China with the sun at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, he expressed his appreciation for the strong vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In the interactive question section, when Secretary Wang Hansong mentioned "how to use Marxist theory and methods to analyze problems in various aspects of reform in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Soviet Union and China", Professor Boer quoted a small story of Marx's life and pointed out that the basic principles of Marxism are unchanged, but due to different historical and cultural conditions, the path of communism may be different. As for Russia, Marx has realized this, and it also has an impact on China. Professor Boer and Deputy Secretary Song Dan launched a keen discussion on "the characteristics and development trend of socialism with Chinese characteristics". Professor Boer pointed out that the characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics mainly come from China's unique social, historical and cultural traditions and practical basis, as well as the great practice of reform and opening up. In the future, China will grow into an example for the whole world with strong attraction brought by its independent and self-sufficient endogenous development. China's China China scholar will encourage China to go out to attend academic conferences and face to face with foreign scholars. Professor Xi Jinping can also translate the new socialist ideas of Chinese characteristics into different versions of the language, and tell the story of China, ancient Chinese literature search. Boer Spreading Chinese theory is the most effective way to let the world know about China.

Finally, President Xiaonan Hong thanked Professor Roland Boer for his sincere sharing and said that he would further carry out learning exchanges in the future. The symposium was very successful, and the teachers showed great interest in Professor Boer's academic views. Professor Boer not only had a high theoretical position, but also benefited a lot from his profound and broad-based discussion.

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