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Teachers and students of Marxism college and Dr. James juniper, a world famous scholar, talk about academic research

Nov 2, 2019 

In order to further understand the frontier trends of Marxism research in foreign countries and promote the exchange and discussion between teachers and foreign scholars in our college, at 8:00 a.m. on October 31, teachers and students of the College of Marxism held a symposium with Dr. James juniper, University of Newcastle, Australia, in conference room 323. This symposium was presided over by Yumei Fang, vice president.


At the symposium, the teachers and students of Marxism college and Dr. James juniper launched a heated discussion on academic issues of common concern. Dr. juniper first reflected on the Internet technology revolution and human alienation from a philosophical perspective. He believed that we should have a critical attitude towards the development of science and technology such as the Internet of things and computers, and pay attention to the current social and human values from Marx's critical theory. Secondly, Dr. juniper talked about the current development of Marxist research in Australia and pointed out that Australian Marxist researchers focus on historical research and political science research. Due to the lack of researchers and scattered research directions, there is no similar research scale and team of Marxism in China. Therefore, he hopes to cooperate and communicate with Chinese researchers. He said that the current western Marxist research is worth re examining. Researchers are more focused on the study of Marxism from the perspective of culture and capitalism. This one sidedness will lead to the neglect of many important issues in the analysis of the country and the world economy. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the study of Marxist political economy and further understand the Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.


Later, Dr. James juniper had in-depth exchanges with the teachers and students on the development of China mobile payment and the current situation of Australia's economic and social development. He believes that China's mobile payment is at the forefront of the world. Compared with Australia, Europe and the United States and other developed countries, due to the early start of the banking system, people habitually use credit card consumption, coupled with the internal competition of the banking system, making it unable to form a consistent interest in the field of mobile payment. The guidance and supervision of the Chinese government in mobile payment is worth learning. When talking about Australia's economic and social development, Dr. juniper pointed out that under the conditions of contemporary capitalist society, the purchasing power of workers has not increased significantly in recent decades. The tendency of enterprises to sign short-term contracts with workers has further reduced the social role of trade unions. The long-term failure of the working class to improve their living conditions has prompted more and more young people to choose to join in The Communist Party, with joint efforts to solve social problems.

At the end of the symposium, vice president Yumei Fang, on behalf of the faculty and students, expressed his gratitude to Dr. James juniper for his deep and thoughtful sharing. Dr. James juniper's analysis of the current research situation of Western Marx and his attention to national economic and social issues in the era of Internet of things information intelligence have expanded the research vision of teachers and students of the college, and he looks forward to in-depth exchanges and learning with Dr. James juniper and more well-known foreign experts and scholars in the future.

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