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The Fourth Lecture of short term lectures by world famous scholars held by Marxism College

Nov 2, 2019 

At 15:30 p.m. on October 30th, our college held fourth lectures on the "short term lecture project of 10th anniversary world famous scholars in Marx school", in the classroom of the Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era.It's our honor to invite Dr. James juniper to teach at the school of economics and business administration, University of Newcastle, Australia . Dr. juniper was a senior lecturer of the University of South Australia, consultant of the economic and Policy Research Office of the Ministry of development and technology of Australia, director of the trade and Technology Industry Department of the Australian Center for policy and economic analysis, and liaison officer of the Australian joint trade and labor Commission. The theme of this academic lecture is "economic philosophy of the Internet of things semantic method of technological philosophy". This lecture is presided over by President Hong Xiaonan, translated by Mr. Zhang Chao, and attended by all teachers and students.


Dr. juniper first introduced his new workthe economic philosophy of the Internet of thingspublished in 2018. Starting from the current upsurge of Western society's obsession with digital economy, he shared five books on the research frontier of Western digital economy, respectively, from the encroachment of people's life experience in the era of Internet capitalism to the optimistic attitude towards the digital economy of the whole world According to the decline of intellectual's thinking ability in the era, people are monitored in the era of intelligence, and there are political factors in the coming of the era of big data, this paper discusses the views of Western society on the digital economy. Dr. juniper explained the purpose of Internet of things research and the philosophical rationality of graphic reasoning in depth. He pointed out that there are two ways to realize semantic technology: one is to transform information into intelligence; the other is to realize the evolution, control and management of intelligence. In the age of Internet of things, graphic reasoning can provide scientific analysis, construction and creation mode for human production and life, and effectively improve the cognition of operation process in engineering technology, artificial intelligence and other fields. Dr. juniper said that the graphic reasoning method can be widely used in search and rescue, chemical engineering and signal, logistics and transportation and other industries. At the same time, combining with China's development reality, he believed that in the macro-control and strategic planning of different levels of China's Ministry, province, city and county, the graphic reasoning with its clear and accurate characteristics is in the planning, coordination, distribution and supervision links can play an effective value.

In the interactive questioning, Mr. Li Xuemei asked about the relationship between graphic reasoning and blockchain. Dr. juniper pointed out that graphic reasoning has the function of integration, so it can combine different networks in terms of Finance and security. Dr. juniper and Mr. Wang Fei made an in-depth discussion on "the scientificity of graphic reasoning". He pointed out that many western countries have spent a lot of money and technology to promote the development of graphic reasoning methods. He also established a studio to try to explain mathematics courses with graphic reasoning, which is an accurate and scientific method. Later, Dr. juniper answered the question of "the influence of graphic reasoning on future philosophy" put forward by President Hong Xiaonan. He believes that with the continuous development of information technology, people's attention to Philosophy of technology will push philosophy forward to innovation and development in the future. Finally, Mr. Yao Min asked Dr. juniper whether he had a positive attitude towards the development of the Internet of things era in view of the privacy disclosure of "people are monitored in the intelligent age" mentioned in his explanation. Dr. juniper believes that the Internet of things and social politics are inseparable, and the combination of political and technological elements is particularly important for the liberation of human labor.

President Hong Xiaonan summarized the lecture and thanked Dr. juniper for his in-depth explanation. President Hong pointed out that as a student of Marxist theory, he needs to have a keen judgment on the problems of the times, and in the era of information intelligence, he needs to understand the cutting-edge of science and technology, and the method of figure reasoning will help to carry out theoretical research from different perspectives. Internet of things technology not only has a positive role in promoting human production activities, but also has a negative factor of alienation. How to rationally analyze the social phenomenon in the era of Internet of things deserves deep thinking.

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